4 Feb: "Found" by Federick Buechner

By Frederick Buechner
From Lecture To A Book of The Month Club
Maybe it’s all utterly meaningless.
Maybe it’s all unutterably meaningful.
If you want to know which,
pay attention to
what it means to be truly human
in a world that half the time
we’re in love with
and half the time
scares the hell out of us…
The unexpected sound of your name on somebody’s lips.
The good dream.
The strange coincidence.
The moment that brings tears to your eyes.
The person who brings life to your life.
Even the smallest events hold the greatest clues.


  1. "half the time in love with
    and half the time
    scares [or confuses] the hell out of us..."

    These "clues" are what define our lives. The glimpses, the light, the brilliance...even the darkness and the depths and tears- all small events on a big scale that pick and choose where to show themselves- we just need to become more aware of when to pay attention and learn. Learn with a big "L".

  2. The first two lines are a trip. Perfect antithesis.

    I like the progression of the second stanza because it could be anything,especially those coincidences.